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Though the US has enjoyed over a century of air combat supremacy, American pilots haven’t shot down many enemy planes in modern times. This speaks more about the nature of American air power than it does about the skills of our pilots – Few nations have dared wage a challenge. An air war these days is more so a harmonized effort between highly skilled specialists operating astonishing technology on the ground, in… Read More

With Korean War smoke settling and the Cold War ramping up, space and the travel to-and-from became a new frontier of exploration and research. Although by today’s definitions there is a clear difference between an “aviator” and an “astronaut,” one could say the only thing that separates the two breeds of pilot is a little bit of air. With a looming threat to national security, science fiction started becoming reality in America… Read More

Fresh off the high of their WWII victory, American flyboys soon found themselves engulfed in another conflict. In 1950, at the time of the United States’ entrance into the Korean War, faster jet powered aircraft had become widespread. The F-86 Sabre was the USAF’s answer to the Russian-made MiG 15. 40 US military service men achieved ace status, with the top 5 being Joseph McConnell, James Jabara, Pete Fernandez, George Davis, and… Read More