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Though the US has enjoyed over a century of air combat supremacy, American pilots haven’t shot down many enemy planes in modern times. This speaks more about the nature of American air power than it does about the skills of our pilots – Few nations have dared wage a challenge. An air war these days is more so a harmonized effort between highly skilled specialists operating astonishing technology on the ground, in… Read More

With communism again on the march in Southeast Asia, The Vietnam conflict would play on through five US presidents, cause casualties in the millions, as well as end in the eventual fall of South Vietnam. President Lindon B. Johnson authorized the beginning of mass air campaigns in the skies over Vietnam in February, 1965. Up to this point American action had pretty much been limited to training, assistance, and special operations alongside… Read More

Fresh off the high of their WWII victory, American flyboys soon found themselves engulfed in another conflict. In 1950, at the time of the United States’ entrance into the Korean War, faster jet powered aircraft had become widespread. The F-86 Sabre was the USAF’s answer to the Russian-made MiG 15. 40 US military service men achieved ace status, with the top 5 being Joseph McConnell, James Jabara, Pete Fernandez, George Davis, and… Read More

For nearly a decade after The Wright Brothers took to flight, they lead the way in innovation and design with others like Glenn Curtiss, Eugene Ely, Lyman Gilmore Jr, Samuel Langley, Thomas Selfridge, William Boeing, and others. With waxing conflict in Europe fueling high profile interests of the British War Office, and later the U.S. War Department, the orders for working models began to pick up. Experience being the best teacher, pilots… Read More

For nearly a decade after The Wright Brothers took to flight, they lead the way in innovation and experimentation. Meanwhile, competition fueled numerous firsts by the Wrights and other opportunists worldwide wishing to stake their claim in aviation history.   September 20, 1904 – The Wright Brothers – First successful completion of circular flight October 04, 1905 – The Wright Brothers’ Flyer III plane covers 24.2 miles in 38 minutes and 3… Read More

(Image Source: History America ) WireMasters hopes all of you have had a wonderful National Aerospace Week! It’s incredible how far the industry has advanced since the early 1900’s. In honor of this week’s celebration, we took a look back at the History of the American Aviators and their aircraft. From The Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart, World Wars to commercial aircrafts and modern day fighters the industry continues to evolve and expand. After… Read More