Mil-Spec Cable Designs for Special OEM projects and more!

When it comes to usefulness, no mil-spec part family delivers like M27500.  This series of cables are found in a variety of commercial and military applications including avionics, airframes, and ground-based systems.  Its versatility enables it to be configured to perform in just about any environment. In fact, OEM cable specification drawings are based on M27500,including companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Gulfstream, Bell Helicopter,Bombardier, Raytheon, Sikorsky, and many others! One of our top wire and cable manufacturers, T/E Connectivity, also constructs M27500 cables under their 55A cable speciation!

The SAE WC27500-M27500 spec covers a number of constructions that offers an assortment of multi-conductor, shield and jacket options. The part number itself helps determine the components within each cable. For example, M27500-22SD2T23,is a 22 gauge cable, built with two(2) SAE AS22759/34 (SD) conductors, with a  Single TPC Round shield (T), wrapped in a Single Extruded, White, Modified XLETFE jacket (23). Our reference module below can help define your cables components or CLICK HERE for additional details on our website.

A few of our top M27500 cables include: M27500-22TG2T14, M27500-22SB2T23, M27500-20SB2T23, M27500-20RC2S09, M27500-22SD2T23,M27500-22RC2S06, M27500-22ML2T08, along with a large selection of other combinations available throughout WireMasters 4 stocking warehouse locations, and remember that any in-stock items we can offer same day shipping on!

If you need help with a special cable construction or would like pricing information on a particular cable email our WireMasters team at

For more information, feel free to visit our M27500 – NEMA WC 27500 page by CLICKING HERE.



Are you already using M27500 cables throughout your aviation projects? Use WireMasters quick quote feature and receive pricing by CLICKING HERE.



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