WireMasters Avionics Magazine featured and In-Flight Entertainment Updates

WireMasters recently had the honor of being featured inAvionics Magazines, Wire and cable: Aircraft EWIS and Swap in Focus, By Woodrow Bellamy III. WireMasters often talks about how we are adapting to meet the demands of the In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) market and the ever changing demands of the aviation industry and this article went into great depth on what manufacturers and distributors are doing to meet these new requirements.

WireMasters Business Development and Marketing Manager,Rush Holladay, was interviewed for the article stating, “The growth area the demand area in our world has been IFE. There are  different methodologies to try to get content to the seat back – different people do it different ways – but at the end of the day, it takes some type of cable to have enough bandwidth to handle all of that and to do it reliably.”

The three major problems the article mentions are weight savings, building longer lasting and more reliable products, and wiring products that provide fast transfer rates for bandwidth. These three factors play off one another. In 2015, IFE was a $2.85-Billion-dollar market and is set to rise to $5.80 Billion by 2020. Although this is outstanding news for thewire and cable industry it comes with challenges. As engineers install these new wiring products, not only are they adding weight to the aircraft, they have to be extremely careful while routing the wires making sure to maintain the separation of the bundles in accordance with SFAR88 and EMI spacing requirements from the OEM’s.  Although the lightest weight products are initially the most desirable, sometimes the quadrax cables and connectors at a 26 and 28 gauge are difficult to terminate during installation and these concerns are expressed in detail throughout Bellamy’s article. While weight savings are clearly important, the wiring products chosen must also be reliable, in order to deliver those savings over a long period of time.Bellamy mentions that once every five days an aircraft is diverted due to wire and cable failure, which becomes expensive and that’s why choosing reliable wire and cable solutions is so important.

Top manufacturers such as Carlisle, Pic Wire and Cable, B/E Aerospace’s Emteq, and T/E Connectivity are mentioned throughout the article, all of which work closely with WireMasters as we distribute their IFE wire and cable products. Other top manufacturers WireMasters are teamed with include W.L. Gore and Harbour Industries. All of these featured manufacturers offer high-quality reliable wiring solutions and WireMasters can help you locate yours today!

One of the top IFE data cables WireMasters sales is the Carlisle NF24Q100 Netflight Ethernet Cable. The 24 gauge quadrax cable is READ MORE

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