IFE Making its Mark at AIX 2015

As technology continues to evolve, so does the future of air travel.  As the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) takes place in Hamburg Germany this week, focused primarily on the new developments in aircraft interiors, with the majority of those enhancements geared toward In-Flight Entertainment (IFE). The IFE Zone of AIX 2015, where WireMasters is located at stand #4B10, is fully dedicated to displaying these new products and technologies.

Recent studies show the IFE market will quadruple world-wide throughout the next decade, but it’s important for suppliers and manufactures to develop the technology to assist in increasing bandwidth and data transfer rates, while keeping the products light weight.

Lumexis New iPAX

Lumexis New iPAX

One of the newest developments in IFE is a new product called iPAX. Built by Lumexis, who is also exhibiting at AIX 2015 Stand 4C50, the modern wireless IFE systems offer passengers a unique experience on a thin light weight HD screen located on the seat backs. Most aircraft interior products are costly, and Lumexis markets their product to be cost and weight efficient, priced at $1495 each and weighing 8.9 ounces. The new system will be released at AIX and offers valued entertainment, moving-maps, food and beverage choices, and catalog shopping. This system also carries the flight safety briefing directly to each passenger while preparing for takeoff.

Thales also unveiled their new offering, Inflyt Experience. Building their portfolio to serve the entire passenger experience with a package including; the Avant touchscreen IFE system, FlytLive’s broadband and connectivity services and maintenance and repair organization FlytCare.

Rockwell Collins’ new PSS is compatible with any overhead IFE upgrade available.

Rockwell Collins’ new PSS is compatible with any overhead IFE upgrade available.

Rockwell Collins is another leader making their mark at AIX 2015, as they unveiled their Paves Passenger Service System upgrade for air transport aircraft. Rockwell says “The lightweight, low-cost reading light and cabin crew call system with optional USB charging port for personal devices is a direct replacement for existing systems that are less compatible with modern in-flight entertainment (IFE) system upgrades.”

WireMasters Stand#4B10 at AIX 2015

WireMasters Stand#4B10 at AIX 2015

With the AIX IFE zone exhibits increasing by 25% from 2014, this event is making a tremendous impact upon the IFE market. Stop by the IFE Zone to see these updates and how the technology works live; and visit WireMasters stand #4B10! We look forward to talking wire, cable, interconnect, and IFE solutions with you!

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