History of the American Aviator – Part 9 – The Modern Day Aviator

Modern Fighter Pilot

Modern Fighter Pilot (USAF)

Though the US has enjoyed over a century of air combat supremacy, American pilots haven’t shot down many enemy planes in modern times. This speaks more about the nature of American air power than it does about the skills of our pilots – Few nations have dared wage a challenge. An air war these days is more so a harmonized effort between highly skilled specialists operating astonishing technology on the ground, in the air, and in space. From AWACS to precision bombers to helicopters to UAVs – This aerial legion empowers modern ground-war tactics that rely on the swift movement of smaller units who can call in rapid and devastating air support if they come across a heavy threat.

Phantom Ray being carried by a Boeing 747. (NASA)

Phantom Ray being carried by a Boeing 747.

Owning the sky is the first objective of any major military action, and a present luxury that we can never allow to erode. Countries such as North Korea, China, and Iran would be more likely to challenge the U.S. if its pilots stood more of a fighting chance. Continued innovation and investment is a must in order to insure that they never will.


F-22 with F-15

F-22 with F-15 (USAF)

This blog series has presented a brief thumbnail look of the History of the American Aviator and some of the aerial hot rods they flew. From the Wrights’ first flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina to today, The United States and its Aviation, Defense, and Aerospace industries have been a world leader in innovation and imagination.

These days a pilot has many flight paths to choose from. From solo microflight to commercial jetliner to the cutting edge of defense and space missions, the modern-day aviator is in the driver’s seat of mankind’s journeys of today and engaged well into the horizons of tomorrow.

USAF F-18s over Afghanistan

F-18s over Afghanistan (USAF)

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