WireMasters is a world leading source for Mil-Spec and BMS (Boeing Military Specification) wire, cable, and connectivity accessories. With three warehouse locations (Arizona, Tennessee, Texas), WireMasters stocks a variety of the BMS 13-60 specification products. Approved by Boeing, this high-temperature wire and cable is required where systems exceed 200 degrees Celsius on Boeing commercial aircraft.

WIreMasters BMS13-60 Products

WIreMasters BMS13-60 Products

This specification covers four categories of wire and cable: 6 mils, 8 mils, 10 mils and 19 mils nominal insulation thickness and is similar to the MIL-W-22759/80 and SAE-AS22759/80 constructions. With a maximum operating potential of 600 Vrms, these products establish the construction and performance requirements for different types of arc-resistant wire and cable. Composed of annealed copper, copper alloy, and aluminum, the temperature rating for each type is determined by the conductor or shield coating as listed:

(1) 260 Degree Celsius rated wire has a nickel coated copper conductor

(2) 260 Degree Celsius rated cable has a nickel coated copper conductor and nickel coated shield

(3) 175 Degree Celsius rated wire has an aluminum conductor

(4) 150 Degree Celsius rated wire has a tin coated copper conductor

(5) 150 Degree Celsius rated cable has a tin coated shield.

The construction of the wire is determined by the wire or cable type, class, and gauge size.  With fifty-six types and ten classes, the specifications cover sizes 26 AWG through 4/0 AWG.  When completed, all cable types are to use white PTFE tape for the outer wrap of the cable jacket unless a different color is specified.


We know the break-down of these part numbers can be tricky; below WireMasters provides a handy guide to help you determine the proper wire for your application.

If you have any questions or need an RFQ on any BMS material call us at 1.800.635.5342 or email us at wminfo@wiremasters.net.

Download the WireMasters BMS reference charts-CLICK HERE

WireMasters BMS13-60 Page –CLICK HERE

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