Get to know your Aircraft Series: Part 1

WireMasters is officially releasing our new blog series, “Get to know you Aircraft”! This week we are featuring the  Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner, Gulfstream G650, and the Bell AH-1Z Helicopter. Keep checking back for the latest aircraft highlights!

Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner


Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Traveling at speeds of mach .085 and carrying 323 passengers, the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner sets a new benchmark for Fuel efficiency and operating economics. The 224 foot long aircraft, measures in at 56 feet tall with a wingspan of 197 feet.  Composed of 50 percent composite materials, the aircraft is relatively light and equipped with a Smoother Ride Technology which can sense turbulence and commands wing control for a smoother flight.  Passengers comfort continues with the advanced window shade technology that allows passengers to dim the windows instead of closing an actual window shade. Reining as the largest aircraft flying today, the aircraft is also equipped for an advance in-flight entertainment experience with improved sound control, customized on board lighting, integrated broadband communication, on-demand entertainment, and in-seat power to accommodate personal electronic devices.

Bell AH-1Z Helicopter

The Bell AH-1Z helicopter is the ultimate attack helicopter. Known as one of the most powerful rotorcrafts, the AH-1Z delivers with state of the art dynamics, weapons and

avionics to incorporate the latest in survivability. Designed with anti-armor capabilities, it can withstand the highest threats and defeat at standoff ranges. Built to the meet the requirements of the US Marine Corps, the four bladed rotor system is equipped with the “Top Owl” Helmet Mounted Sight and Display (HMS/D) system helping improve communication , reduce cockpit workload, and provide aircrew life support and protection all in one unit.

Gulfstream G650

This perfect combination of style, speed, and comfort is worth its price tag of $65 million. The Gulfstream G650 is the biggest and fastest private jet on the market. Cruising at altitudes of 51,000 feet, the jet carries up to 18 passengers operating at speeds of Mach .925. During flight, passengers can remain in comfort with 8 ½ foot wide cabin; the world’s largest in class.  For added comfort, Gulfstream has also added 16 large panoramic windows and an element that replenishes 100 percent of the fresh air every two minutes helping passengers breathe and feel better! While aboard passengers can also remain connected, with  a  variety of in-flight entertainment options such as; Broadband Multilink high-speed data system, two multichannel satellite communications systems,  a wireless local network that provides onboard printing, additional Internet access, and phone service.


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