12 Essentials for NBAA 2014

WireMasters is here to help relieve the hassle of packing! As you begin packing for your journey to NBAA 2014 make sure you have these 12 essentials!

1) Business Cards

With over 30,000 industry professionals attending NBAA2014, you will definitely be networking with current and future customers and suppliers. Make sure to bring your business cards to exchange with others!

2) Corporate Credit Card & Cash-
Double check your wallets to be sure you have your company credit cards. Between credit card statements and receipts it’s easier to track spending for expense reports. Also, make sure to carry cash for tips and taxi rides you may need while traveling.

3) Notepads & Pens

Although we live in the world of smartphones, it’s always good to have a notepad and pen available at all times to jot down notes and leads for when you return back to the office.

4) Laptops, Flash drives, and Wi-Fi –

As a business professional you always need to be prepared with presentations, notes, and reports at your fingertips. Depending on Wi-Fi connections at a hotel, convention center, or trade show is never a good idea. Instead, pack a mi-fi device so you never have to worry about losing your internet connection.

5) Breath Mints

Don’t pass out bad breath with your business cards! Be sure to pack your toothbrush along with extra breath mints! After all, you can always use a breath of fresh air!

6) Computer and Phone Chargers

When traveling on business, your phone, computer, and other technology driven devices are a necessity. Make sure to pack all your chargers along with back up batteries just in case. You never know when the office or other business associates will need to reach you.  Stop by the WireMasters booth at #662 we might have an extra battery pack to help with this issue.

 7) Tablet and Phone With NBAA APP

NBAA has an official mobile app available on iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones. Enhance your show experience with all the details at your fingertips. Included in the app is information suchmobile-app-large-promo.jpg as; exhibitor directory, full schedules of sessions, floor maps, real time updates, and more! After you download, check out WireMasters company profile with information about our company, product guide, and a link to download our new line cards!

8) Plane Ticket and Hotel Confirmation

There’s nothing worse than running late and then realizing you forgot your plane ticket! Don’t let that happen to you, double check it off your to-do list and place it in your bag now! It never hurts to also have your hotel booking confirmation especially during big conventions when hotels are super busy.

9) NBAA Badge Confirmation

When you completed your online registration, you received an NBAA Badge Confirmation. Make sure to print a copy and have one handy on your smart phone. You can never be too prepared!

10) Pants, Jackets, and Extra Shirts-

I hear the dry cleaners calling! Make sure to pick up dress pants, jackets, and shirts from the dry cleaners before you head to Orlando! Also, it never hurts to pack a few extra shirts just in case!

11) Medications –

Trade shows consist of a lot of walking and time spent on your feet. If you’re sick, shows can become really uncomfortable. To eliminate any risks, make sure to pack any prescription or over the counter medications you may need throughout your travels.

12) Dancing Shoes

NBAA is hosting a night of entertainment for you and your customers on Oct.22, 2014 in the Regency Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Orlando Hotel. Featuring a private concert by Three Dog Night, the event will be held in efforts to support Corporate Angel Network (CAN). Along with the live music, a live and silent auction will be held with proceeds benefiting CAN and their care to cancer patients. The event will begin at 6:00 PM so pack your dancing shoes, a nice outfit, and  don’t miss out! Click Here for more information.






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