History of the American Aviator – Part 2 – More Firsts

history of american aviator wright brothers flyer 1909

The Wright Brothers continue their innovation.

For nearly a decade after The Wright Brothers took to flight, they lead the way in innovation and experimentation. Meanwhile, competition fueled numerous firsts by the Wrights and other opportunists worldwide wishing to stake their claim in aviation history.


  • September 20, 1904 – The Wright Brothers – First successful completion of circular flight
  • October 04, 1905 – The Wright Brothers’ Flyer III plane covers 24.2 miles in 38 minutes and 3 seconds.
  • May 22, 1906 –Patent No. 821,393 issued to The Wright Brothers on a Flying Machine.
  • May 29, 1910 – Glenn Curtiss – Piloted the first long-distance flight between two major cities in the U.S. Albany to New York City
  • January 18, 1911 – Eugene Ely – Piloted the first fixed-wing aircraft landing on a warship
  • Names like Langley, Bell, Ellyson all make their place in Aviation history.


history of american aviator glenn curtiss 1908

Glenn Curtiss in his Bi-Plane, 1908

Multiple achievements were logged during these early years by Americans, as well as Europeans. Millions in investment, research and development fueled what would lead up to the American Aviator’s first trial by fire – World War.


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