Coming Soon to WireMasters

history-of-the-american-aviator-poster-large(Image Source: History America )

WireMasters hopes all of you have had a wonderful National Aerospace Week! It’s incredible how far the industry has advanced since the early 1900’s. In honor of this week’s celebration, we took a look back at the History of the American Aviators and their aircraft. From The Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart, World Wars to commercial aircrafts and modern day fighters the industry continues to evolve and expand. After serving for over 26 years, WireMasters continues to provide the wire, cable, and accessories to help make these advancements possible. It’s a privilege to be a part of an industry that makes such a direct impact on technology advances.

We want to pay tribute to the history of the industry. Starting Tuesday, September 23rd and running through the end of December 2014 we will begin a blog series entitled: WireMasters-The History of American Aviators. Each blog entry will highlight a historical event that has contributed to the growth and advances of our industry. Stay tuned till next Tuesday, and in the meantime check out the below teasers for features to be highlighted in our series!


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