National Aerospace Week


Happy National Aerospace Week! Serving aerospace and defense for over 26 years, WireMasters is proud to be a part of such a prestigous industry. Producing cutting edge technologies through highly qualified employees, the industry has continued to drive American innovation and economic prosperity to an all-time high.

Supporting over 2.5 million jobs across the United States, the industry’s value is enduring. In 2010, the Aerospace Industries Association established National Aerospace week to honor and recognize the significance of the industry and the contributions it makes. Congress supported the association’s efforts and confirmed on September 13, 2010 that the third week of September would annually be recognized as National Aerospace Week.


“Since the Wright Brothers and the dawn of flight, the contribution aerospace has made to America has been a true national treasure,” said AIA President and CEO Marion C. Blakey. “We are the world’s leader in aerospace and the men and women who provide the backbone of our economy and national security are truly second to none.”

It’s important we engage this week and demonstrate our support for aerospace and defense. Industry leaders are actively working this week hosting events all across the US. Find an event near you and show your support!  CLICK HERE for a full list of event’s being held.

Attending isn’t the only way to show support of National Aerospace Week. As industry professionals we can join the Second To None Coalition. The Second to None Coalition was formed to unite America’s aerospace and defense workers, active and retired military personnel and broad supporters of national security, aviation and space in a common cause to preserve America’s role as the global leader in aerospace and defense. Their mission is to empower people across the country with specific calls-to-action and fact-based information, the Coalition is connecting citizens with their elected officials to inform them of the benefits of a strong aerospace and defense industry.

Find out more information about the Second to None Coalition in the video below and visit to engage in this national movement! WireMasters is proud to join in the celebration and wish the entire industry a Happy National Aerospace Week!

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