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For nearly a decade after The Wright Brothers took to flight, they lead the way in innovation and experimentation. Meanwhile, competition fueled numerous firsts by the Wrights and other opportunists worldwide wishing to stake their claim in aviation history.   September 20, 1904 – The Wright Brothers – First successful completion of circular flight October 04, 1905 – The Wright Brothers’ Flyer III plane covers 24.2 miles in 38 minutes and 3… Read More

The In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) market is on the rise as technology continues to advance. The number of commercial aircrafts equipped for broadband communication links is expected to quadruple world-wide over the next decade. Approximately 3,300 current commercial aircrafts have broadband capabilities and by 2023 the number is set to increase to at least 13,000 aircrafts. In order to meet demands, we must adapt to the developments and provide solutions to increase the… Read More

On December 17, 1903, from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, bicycle shop owner Orville Wright telegraphed his father the following: “Success four flights Thursday morning all against twenty one mile wind started from Level with engine power alone average speed through air thirty one miles longest 57 seconds inform press home Christmas.” With this, he and brother Wilbur ascended into esteem as the inventors and pilots of the first engine powered airplane –… Read More

(Image Source: History America ) WireMasters hopes all of you have had a wonderful National Aerospace Week! It’s incredible how far the industry has advanced since the early 1900’s. In honor of this week’s celebration, we took a look back at the History of the American Aviators and their aircraft. From The Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart, World Wars to commercial aircrafts and modern day fighters the industry continues to evolve and expand. After… Read More

Happy National Aerospace Week! Serving aerospace and defense for over 26 years, WireMasters is proud to be a part of such a prestigous industry. Producing cutting edge technologies through highly qualified employees, the industry has continued to drive American innovation and economic prosperity to an all-time high. Supporting over 2.5 million jobs across the United States, the industry’s value is enduring. In 2010, the Aerospace Industries Association established National Aerospace week to… Read More

As we all venture to work today, we all have one thought on our minds…today is September 11th. The words are enough to give you chills as we all think back 13 years ago when 3,000 innocent lives were taken,  400 of which were emergency services personnel. Everyone can remember where they were, how they felt, and the tragedy they witnessed….a true terrorist attack. Four airliners, hijacked, carrying out suicide attacks against… Read More

Congratulations to WireMasters Salesman of the Month, Scotty Faulkner! Since joining Team WireMasters in 2005, Scotty has been committed to providing top quality service to all customers and growing his account base. His hard work and devotion paid off, exceeding his goal for August. “As I’ve been with WireMasters longer, my goals continue to grow, it’s more of a task to reach sometimes, but from a customer perspective, it means more,” said… Read More

WireMasters… 1) opened the doors 26 years ago in 1988 2) stocks over 70 million feet of wire. 3) has three warehouse locations with a total of over 100,000 square feet 4) employs four outside sales representatives (AKA National Account Managers) located throughout the United State states and available to meet at your convenience. 5) can design a Custom Cable specifically for your application. CLICK HERE to complete a custom cable design… Read More