Senior National Accounts Manager, Chris Sayler, Returns to WireMasters

WireMasters is excited to announce that former employee Chris Sayler has returned to Team WireMasters and will serve as Senior National Account Manager while also covering the Eastern Territory.  Chris has worked in multiple aspects of the wire & cable industry and served in various roles ranging from engineering, production, and program management. A vast amount of his knowledge is derived from 12 years of employment at Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing serving as the Military Aerospace Site Director.

In his new role, Chris will manage all National Account Manager (NAM) functions for WireMasters, including direct supervision of the NAMs in the North Central, South Central and Western Territories.   Further, he will be responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with customers, suppliers, and other industry professionals within the Eastern Territory. One of his top qualities as Senior National Accounts Manager is his ability to meet with customers and speak knowledgably about products from a design stand point. Above his industry skills and knowledge, he is a great individual who portrays strong ethics and determination needed to help him be successful in such a competitive market.

Father to three kids, Chris is currently working on his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with plans to continue on to a Master’s degree. In his spare time, he enjoys football, golfing, hunting, fishing and any outdoor activities with his family.

With Chris’s experience and dedication to the Aerospace and Defense industry, his presence will help further extend the superior arm of customer service that WireMasters is known for.  Please help WireMasters in welcoming back, Chris Sayler!



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