Break Down With the M16878 Hook-Up Wire

The M16878 specification designates a hookup wire with temperature ratings of -65 to 260 degrees Celsius. This high performance spec meets the requirements for small dimensions, high temperature resistance, low weight, and low flame propagations.  Containing voltage ratings from 250 to 5000 volts, this wire is commonly used on electronic and harness applications throughout the Military and Aerospace industry.

We have listed our WireMasters break down chart of the M16878 specification below for your reference. This chart will help you in understanding the components and structure of M16878 parts. You may also hear the spec referred to as the HP3 AND HP4 NEMA spec. Although the NEMA spec did replace the M16878, most industry professionals still refer to the product under the M16878 part numbers.

WireMasters stocks a wide selection of M16878 parts and you can find out more information by CLICKING HERE to visit our M16878 page. Can’t find what you’re looking for on our website? Give us a call at 1-800-635.5342 or send us an email at


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