nbaa-wiremasters-2016NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) will take place November 1st-3rd in Orlando, FL bringing together over 27,000 key business aviation contacts from around the world. With more than 1 million square feet of exhibit space at theOrange County Convention Center, WireMasters will be one of 1,100 exhibitors showcasing the latest business aviation products and services at the show, along with…READ MORE

Aerospace and defense applications utilize miles of wire and cable. Therefore, it is system critical to ensure they are properly insulated, protected and

WireMasters mil-spec braid product lines offer multiple sizes to optimize your shield effectiveness. Braids are composed of tinned plated silver, nickel, and copper as well as other materials such as, aluminum and bronze, to help reduce electrostatic interference, mechanical abrasions, and stress on your cables. These braids, even when fully exposed, provide full coverage for many operating years, while providing EMI/RFI protection. These braids are often used in the place of foil shielding due to the superior flexibility, especially on short run cables. For more information about WireMasters Mil-Spec braid…READ MORE

When it comes to usefulness, no mil-spec part family delivers like M27500.  This series of cables are found in a variety of commercial and military applications including avionics, airframes, and ground-based systems.  Its versatility enables it to be configured to perform in just about any environment. In fact, OEM cable specification drawings are based on M27500,including companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Gulfstream, Bell Helicopter,Bombardier, Raytheon, Sikorsky, and many others! One of our top wire and cable manufacturers, T/E Connectivity, also constructs M27500 cables under their 55A cable speciation!

The SAE WC27500-M27500 spec covers a number of constructions that offers an assortment of multi-conductor, shield and jacket options. The part number itself helps determine the components within each cable. For example, M27500-22SD2T23,is a 22 gauge cable, built with two(2) SAE AS22759/34 (SD) conductors, with a  Single TPC Round shield (T), wrapped in a Single Extruded, White, Modified XLETFE jacket (23). Our reference module below can help define your cables components or CLICK HERE for additional details on our website.

A few of our top M27500 cables include: M27500-22TG2T14, M27500-22SB2T23, M27500-20SB2T23, M27500-20RC2S09, M27500-22SD2T23,M27500-22RC2S06, M27500-22ML2T08, along with a large selection of other combinations available throughout WireMasters 4 stocking warehouse locations, and remember that any in-stock items we can offer same day shipping on!

If you need help with a special cable construction or would like pricing information on a particular cable email our WireMasters team at

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EBACE-WireMasters-minEBACE 2016 was a great success for WireMastersand our business aviation friends! We would like to thank each and everyone one of you that took the time to visit and meet with our team during the show! It was great to see old faces, and meet new ones!

WireMasters was among more than 450 exhibitors representing 40+ countries at the show located atPalexpo! Our team even embraced the Geneva, Switzerland culture as you can see from our photo on the right.

The show marked a great opportunity for the WireMasters team to introduce and chat about ourEN Wire and Cable specifications that we are NOW STOCKING! The European specification wiring products, also known as Airbus and Eurocopter wire and cables, is just one of the huge steps WireMasters is taking to enhance our service to European Business Aviation market customers.

Big news for our business aviation friends included Gulfstream announcing the first flight of their G600 which will be taking place earlier than indicated. The scheduled first flight is set for later this year, which was previously planned for 2017.

Boeing also made a huge impact with their Boeing 787-8 bizjet, which reached 186 feet long with its wings spread stretching almost 200 feet, it’s the largest airplane to ever be displayed at an NBAA event! There’s no doubt …READ MORE.

ebace squares wiremasters-min (1)Hello Geneva, Switzerland! WireMasters is headed to EBACE 2016 next week May 24th-26th. EBACE marks our first European show for the year and we can’t wait to chat with everyone about the latest developments in Business Aviation, along with our new company developments!

Located at the Palexpo center, there will be 40K square meters of exhibiting space and over 500 exhibitors with WireMasters located at booth #Z122.  Our team will be among 13,000+ industry professionals attending the prestigious event hosted by National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and European Business Aviation Association (EBAA). During the three-day event, additional exhibits will also be located at…READ MORE

Utilized throughout the military, aerospace, and defense industries, the MIL-W-22759 (M22759) | SAE AS22759 specification covers high-performance wires that meet requirements for small dimensions, high-temperature resistance, low weight and low flame propagation. These single conductor electrical wires are manufactured with tin-coated, silver-coated, or nickel-coated conductors of copper or copper alloy. Insulated with fluoropolymer’s such as, polytetrafluoroethylene (TFE), fluorinated ethylene propylene (PEP), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVF2), ethylene-tetrafluormthylene copolymer (ETFE), these resins can be used alone or in combination with any of the insulation materials.

Built in strict accordance with military specifications, mil-spec wire is designed specifically for military and aerospace applications. Operating in harsh environments, these products provide protection in extreme conditions. WireMasters offers these hook-up wires in a variety of options to help your systems adapt in crucial situations. Our wide selections of in-stock M22759 products are available with different conductors, insulations, sizes, weights, voltage ratings and temperature ratings so we can provide a solution that best fits your operating…READ MORE

WireMasters recently had the honor of being featured inAvionics Magazines, Wire and cable: Aircraft EWIS and Swap in Focus, By Woodrow Bellamy III. WireMasters often talks about how we are adapting to meet the demands of the In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) market and the ever changing demands of the aviation industry and this article went into great depth on what manufacturers and distributors are doing to meet these new requirements.

WireMasters Business Development and Marketing Manager,Rush Holladay, was interviewed for the article stating, “The growth area the demand area in our world has been IFE. There are  different methodologies to try to get content to the seat back – different people do it different ways – but at the end of the day, it takes some type of cable to have enough bandwidth to handle all of that and to do it reliably.”

The three major problems the article mentions are weight savings, building longer lasting and more reliable products, and wiring products that provide fast transfer rates for bandwidth. These three factors play off one another. In 2015, IFE was a $2.85-Billion-dollar market and is set to rise to $5.80 Billion by 2020. Although this is outstanding news for thewire and cable industry it comes with challenges. As engineers install these new wiring products, not only are they adding weight to the aircraft, they have to be extremely careful while routing the wires making sure to maintain the separation of the bundles in accordance with SFAR88 and EMI spacing requirements from the OEM’s.  Although the lightest weight products are initially the most desirable, sometimes the quadrax cables and connectors at a 26 and 28 gauge are difficult to terminate during installation and these concerns are expressed in detail throughout Bellamy’s article. While weight savings are clearly important, the wiring products chosen must also be reliable, in order to deliver those savings over a long period of time.Bellamy mentions that once every five days an aircraft is diverted due to wire and cable failure, which becomes expensive and that’s why choosing reliable wire and cable solutions is so important.

Top manufacturers such as Carlisle, Pic Wire and Cable, B/E Aerospace’s Emteq, and T/E Connectivity are mentioned throughout the article, all of which work closely with WireMasters as we distribute their IFE wire and cable products. Other top manufacturers WireMasters are teamed with include W.L. Gore and Harbour Industries. All of these featured manufacturers offer high-quality reliable wiring solutions and WireMasters can help you locate yours today!

One of the top IFE data cables WireMasters sales is the Carlisle NF24Q100 Netflight Ethernet Cable. The 24 gauge quadrax cable is READ MORE

Designed by English engineer and mathematician Oliver Heaviside, Coaxial Cable (coax) designs have been around since 1880. When manufactured these cables are constructed with an inner conductor surrounded by a tubular insulating layer, enclosed by a tubular conducting shield, certain types also include an insulated outer sheath or jacket. This detailed construction of coax cables provides an interference-free transmission path for high-frequency electrical signals.

Each element of the design of a Coaxial cable affects its size, attenuation, frequency performance, power handling capabilities, strength, flexibility, and pricing. Different constructions of the inner conductor, Overall Diameter (OD) and dielectric materials, produce different values for ohms, maximum voltage, and impedance.

The thin center conductor is composed of solid or stranded (more flexible) braided copper insulated with a dielectric layer. The inner conductors are sometimes constructed of silver plated copper for high-frequency performance. Solid polyethylene (PE) and Teflon (PTFE) are common choices for insulating these cables. Shielding the dielectric is either metal foil or a braided copper mesh. To supply enhanced shielding performance certain cables are manufactured with double layer shields, such as two braids, a common choice is a thin foil shield covered by a wire braid. Higher priced cables may invest in more than two shields like quad shields that have alternating layers of foil and braid for shielding purposes. The shielding choices are chosen depending on the flexibility needs of the application. This construction is then covered with an insulated jacket. The shield layers are grounded to the connectors on the ends of the coax cable which helps enhance the signals and eliminate interference.

Although WireMasters stocks an assortment of coax cable throughout our 4 warehouse locations, one of our top quality specification cables is the Mil-C-17 coaxial cables commonly utilized on aerospace and defense applications for data communications. Often referred to as RG cables (old military coaxial part numbers), the Mil-C-17 and RG cables have corresponding part numbers and all cables supplied under these specifications will be manufactured by Q.P.L. (Qualified Products List) companies. Depending on the requirements of your electronic systems WireMasters can meet a variety of construction needs including flexible and semi-rigid, with solid and semisolid dielectric cores, and with single, dual and twin inner conductors.

WireMasters’ top four featured coax cables include – M17/176-00002,M17/128-RG400 (RG400), M17/60-RG142 (RG142), and M17/74-RG213(RG213). M17/176-00002 is a jacketed high-temperature Twinaxial …READ MORE